About Manaram Library

1. Background:

Lions Manaram Foundation 2005 Nepal is a non-governmental social organization registered in the District Administration Office, Kathmandu, as per the Organization Registration Act, 2034 (1977) of Nepal Bikram Sambat 2068 (2011) Bhadra.

 The Manaram foundation was established after a discussion held during a dinner party hosted by the Chairman of Marysville City at his home, where the current General Secretary, Rajan Lamsal, was present as a Multiple Council Chairperson of the Lions, along with almost a hundred people that included the foundation’s Patron, Lion Man Maya Shrestha, Chairman Lion Ram Bahadur Shrestha, current Vice President Lion Sujan Kumar Shrestha, Lifetime Member Suman Kumar Shrestha, and Lifetime Member Indu Lamsal.

During the discussion, it was agreed that a fund should be created to help develop education in Nepal, and this led to the establishment of the foundation. Lions Manaram Foundation 2005 Nepal has since been committed to improving educational opportunities for children in Nepal.

2. Library Establishment and Operation :

The Manaram foundation’s initial goal was to establish at least 1 library in each of Nepal’s districts within five years of its founding. However, before we even reached the 4-year mark, we were able to establish libraries in 100 community schools across all 77 districts of Nepal. Know more about the library.

Criteria: https://manaram.org/libraries/library-criteria/

3. Honors :

Manaram Foundation had an opportunity to work within the core organizing committee at the 7th Library Day on the 15th of Bhadra, 2071 (28 August, 2014). Along with that, the foundation was recognized as an “Excellent library-serving Organization” from the hands of the respected Education Minister Chitra Lekha .

4. Publications :

With the aim of celebration personalities and folk tunes of Sankhuwasabha as well as encouraging writers, Gopal Prasad Niraula’s “Arun Upatyaka ko Sankshipta Shaikshik Itihas” and “Arun Uptyaka ka Lokbhaka” written by Tara Bahadur Budhathoki were published through the foundation. As a result of our foundation’s dedication to publishing a memoir every year, the second issue has been published.

5. E-Library :

As the capability of the established libraries grows, the Manaram foundation decided to move ahead with E-libraries in areas with internet access. Following are the schools equipped with e- library facility: 

– Himalaya Secondary School,

– Khandbari, Mahendra Secondary School,

– Manebhanjyang, Saraswati Secondary School, Chainpur

– Sahid Smriti Secondary School, Dharan

6. Participation in Literacy Campaign :
The Government of Nepal has begun a national campaign to abolish illiteracy. To make this initiative successful, positive initiative from the government and non-government organizations’ side is absolutely essential. The foundation has decided to cooperate with the District Education Office along with various government and non government offices to eliminate illiteracy in Sankhuwasabha district.

7. Scholarship :

Lions Manaram Foundation 2005 Nepal, in partnership with the Manaram Himalayan Handicraft pvt ltd, has established an Education Scholarship program for students pursuing Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (B.Sc. Ag) and Bachelor of Veterinary Science (B. VSc) at Tribhuvan University’s Institute of Agriculture and Veterinary Science in Nepal. Under the terms two female students pursuing B.Sc. Ag and one female student pursuing B. VSc will receive full education scholarships from the organization.

This scholarship program is a great opportunity for female students who are interested in pursuing a career in agriculture and veterinary science but have financial barriers in pursuing higher education. By providing full scholarships, the Lions Manaram Foundation 2005 Nepal and Manaram Himalayan Handicraft are promoting equal opportunity towards the development of the agricultural and veterinary sectors in Nepal.

8. Awards & Other Activities :

The Manaram SKAJ Journalism Award is an initiative of the Manaram Foundation, established in memory of Late Ram Bahadur Shrestha, who was the founding chairman of the organization. The award carries a cash prize of Rs. 25,000.00 and is given annually to a journalist based in Sankhuwasabha, Nepal.

The purpose of this award is to encourage and recognize high-quality journalism in the region.

It’s worth noting that Sankhuwasabha is a remote and relatively developing area of Nepal, and journalism can play a crucial role in informing and empowering local communities. By recognizing the work of journalists in this region, the Manaram Foundation is helping to raise awareness of important issues and promote accountability among local authorities.

With the aim of introducing personalities and folk tunes of Sankhuwasabha and encouraging writers at the same time, various authors’ creations were published through the Foundation. Lions Manaram Foundation is now engaged specifically in capacity building of the established libraries.

Besides these initiatives, the Foundation has granted scholarship to students, distributed free copies and pens to the needy students, help local Government agencies to make literacy campaign a success and many other social service activities as well.

In association with Kiwanis Nepal District and local Kiwanis clubs, the foundation has distributed over 300,000 notebooks and pens to underprivileged children of Sankhuwasabha district, and computers to different schools.