Regarding establishment of the Manaram Library

Inspired by the great objective “That no child be ever deprived from the warmth of education’s bright sun”, this foundation, founded under Sankhuwasabha-resident Social Worker Mr. Ram Bahadur Shrestha’s chair and his wife Mrs. Manmaya Shrestha’s protection, has been working for the establishment if “Manaram Libraries” in all 77 districts of the country.

Conditions to be fulfilled for libraries’ establishment:

  1. The library’s name will be “Manaram Library Shree …….. Ma.Vi…….”
  2. The library’s management, administration and preservation will be done by the school.
  3. The school’s teachers/staff or members of the management will personally contribute a total of at least Rs.10,000 for the library. The contributors’ details are to be submitted to the foundation.
  4. A fixed deposit account under the name of “Manaram Library Shree …… Ma. Vi…….” will be operated with Rs.1,00,000 (one lakh) out of which the foundation shall provide Rs.90,000 (ninety-thousand) at most. The bank account will be operated under 2 (two) individuals’ names – one from the foundation, and the other from the school. However, the interest generated from the fixed deposit accounts will be handed over to any account as stated by the bank. The interest so generated is to be utilized for the purchase of newspapers and various books by the school.
  5. Apart from the fixed deposit amount, the foundation shall provide the school with books worth Rs. 35,000 at most. The school will provide details of the required books and the purchase will be carried out by the foundation itself.
  6. Within 15 days of handing over the books and cash, the school shall establish a shine board identifying a room (or the library, if already existing) with “Manaram Library”.
  7. It will be the responsibility of the school to implement the said library’s capacity expansion and perpetual management and administration with adequate planning. Co-operation with the foundation can be carried out as needed.
  8. If the aforementioned conditions are acceptable to the school, the foundation is to be notified immediately following the decision from the school management.
  9. Following the school’s request, the foundation’s committee will decide, manage and handover the necessary budget to the school for the library’s establishment.